Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Stories

Whirlwind Stories is a really great initiative to help enable men to positively embrace their mental health through the sharing of stories.

They've produced a bunch of postcards and behind each postcard is a man's story. Each story is about difficult times and about that man's ability to survive and adapt and get through the tough stuff. Each story is a story of hope.

They've also dedicated an album, Whirlwind, to the cause and it's great. If you want a copy Marbecks are selling them for a gold coin donation.

The hope is that men will be inspired by reading other men's stories and listening to the music and may be inspired enough to share their own stories and maybe, just maybe inspired enough to have hope, to make changes, to do something different. It really is OK not to feel OK.

And if you need to talk, we'll listen so give us a call on 0800 726 666.

Visit www.whirlwindstories.com for more information.