Calls to Samaritans increase

Samaritans of Wellington saw an 11% increase in calls by for September 2010 (compared to August 2010) with October also seeing a rising average.

“This was partly due to the extension of our 0800 number to help victims of the Canterbury earthquake but was also due to financial concerns with the GST increases and increases in domestic violence,” says Bruce Wall, Chairman, Samaritans of Wellington.

Samaritans of Wellington receives 50-100 calls a day – an average of three calls an hour, or 20,000 calls last year. The busiest times are between 7pm and 2am.

Other factors affecting peoples’ lives are increased economic and work stress, the growth in relationship break-ups and the dwindling support from people’s families.

Samaritans want to help create a society where people are able to talk about their feelings openly, and people are able to respect the feelings of others.

Equally, though, Samaritans believe that talking to anyone – family, friends, colleagues, health professionals – is better than bottling things up.